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Mobile Technology & Native Apps

mLearning for employees on the go. Interactive textbooks for students and educators. Games for gamers. eBooks and magazines for readers and subscribers.

Any content. All devices. Every platform.

Whatever your content, you want to be able to easily deliver it to any handheld device and maintain the feel and integrity of the user interface. Mobile portability is essential.

Should you rely on HTML5’s device-agnostic open source code to maximize portability? Native apps for iOS, Android, and various eReaders that exploit those platforms’ special features? Hybrid solutions?

AYSAAI’s programmers and content technologists will find the best way for your organization to deliver your content to any—or every—tablet, smartphone, and eReader.

Feature-rich. Future-proof.

Whenever possible, we separate your content from the underlying programming, so when a new format or protocol comes along, you don’t have to alter the content, and when you update the content, the supporting framework needn’t change. So there’s never a need to re-convert your files and apps—saving you time and money.


By extending the functionality of handheld devices, AYSAAI’s apps heighten your users’ experience. The apps that we develop deliver your digital content products with enhancements like:

  • Rich media features such as audio, video, animation, and 3D

  • Location-aware functionality, including mapping services like GoogleEarth

  • Instructional learning aids such as simulations, quizzes, and demonstrations

  • Connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media


And AYSAAI helps you navigate Apple’s and Google Play’s app submission and acceptance process. That means your new products get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

App design. App delivery.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming so popular that soon more people are likely to own one or more of them than they are to own a PC. Consequently, mobile-first development strategies are quickly becoming the norm.
But mobile-first means more than scaling down websites and designing smaller pages.

AYSAAI reimagines ways to present your content. Our unmatched combination of mobile technologists, content developers, and graphic and interactive designers help our clients take advantage of the unique features and functionality of all mobile devices.

And our services are end to end: design, development, and deployment.

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